If you are someone who by some chance has visited my blog a recently you would have noticed that it has become pretty dead. This year I got a new job as a Teacher's Assistant and am no longer a full fledged educator. It is a move I am happy with and am quite comfortable in my new position. Unfortunately I am not creating content like I used to and as such do not really have anything to contribute to my educational blog. Therefore I am remodeling it into a personal blog.

     While I am still an educator I am sure there will still be educational posts, but for the most part my posts will be about life in general. I will have posts about my hobbies, about places I have visited, about my family, and anything else that catches my fancy.

     As part of the remodeling process I will be changing the name, but I believe the URL will stay the same. I will also be changing the look of the blog. I will not delete any of my previous posts, so they will still be available to those who ma…

Book a Day Challenge DAY ONE!

Last summer I read a book that changed my whole thinking about how I teach reading. I loved Donalyn Miller's Book Whisperer,  and it has motivated me in many ways. One way it motivated me was with her summer Book a Day Challenge. I decided that this year I was going to do my own Book a Day Challenge. Mine unfortunately, will only last a month, because I am moving out of town and won't have the time later in the summer. From today June 10th, 2017 till July 10th, 2017 I am going to read a book a day.

To start my challenge I picked up a book by my favorite motivational writer, Ron Clark. I love his books they always make me want to get up and change the world. The book I read today, Move Your Bus, is directed towards business leaders but works well in the classroom. It has given me many different ideas I want to implement in the classroom to motivate my students more. I would recommend this book to everyone who wants to make a difference in their world.

Phantom Tollbooth

This semester me and my students have been reading Phantom Tollbooth and we loved it. Milo's adventure was so exciting that I lost my voice every time we read it. I found a great resource for activities and comprehension quizzes that really helped us delve deep into the story. Unfortunately I can't find it again to share the link. A lot of activities were about drawing parts of the story. I made it into a little contest. The kids competed for the best artwork and that gave some amazing images. Below are some of their drawings:

Once we finished the book we had a movie viewing party. I made some cinnamon rolls that were supposed to be synonym buns but my glaze was to thick and it didn't cover the bun enough for me to write on them.
 But my half baked idea was good.

My kids loved the movie and really paid attention. I've never seen them so riveted before. 

Sidewalk Chalk

This week I want to sing praises for sidewalk chalk. I use Crayola's big 48 piece chalk set. I purchase a box every year and I can't imagine teaching without it handy. While I don't use it everyday having it around is so very useful.
The first time I used chalk was to teach a lesson outside. It gave the kids some fun in the sun and let them go a little wild in a big open space, especially because I have a pretty small classroom.

Another good use for sidewalk chalk is having it available when you need a quick art project, during those rare down times. 

Or a quick lesson on cave drawings.

And sometimes just to let the kids have fun during recess. Sidewalk chalk in my humble opinion is a must have staple in the Elementary classroom.
FYI: I am not getting paid to advertise this is just my opinion.


There is this app on my phone that I have been using for almost three years now. Until recently I have been taking my knowledge of this app for granted. The app called CamScanner let's you use your phone camera to scan pages and email them to yourself or other people. I have been using it to scan our math worksheets so I could project them onto the whiteboard (so much easier than writing them on a chart). I love my little app and I use it all the time.
     Yet, recently in a discussion with my school's office manager 'B' I realized I should have been sharing my knowledge of CamScanner from the beginning. What happened was our major copier was down for a few days and one of my colleges needed to print out her math test from her assessment booklet. So 'B' had to pull out this old clunky copier, from storage, to do it. I told her about the app and that instead of pulling out the old copier why didn't she just scan it email it to 'B' or herself a…

Google Educator

So I was going through Pinterest and I saw a pin about becoming a certified Google educator. I thought "cool," so I have been going through the process of becoming a Google educator. It is giving me some amazing ideas. Unfortunately my school does not use Google Classroom but I believe that many of the lessons can still inspire teachers to take their students to a new level. For instance I have created a Youtube playlist for our unit on Earth Systems. I then posted it to our class website and encouraged my students to view the videos and to write an extra credit paragraph about what they learned. I also posted videos that answer many of the questions they put on our Inquiry Chart. It helps the students gain a deeper knowledge of the topic without wasting valuable class time. I encourage everyone to give it a try. Here is a link to the training website: Google for Education

If your interested here is also  link to my earth systems playlist: Earth Systems Playlist

Back to School

It's that time of year again. The time when all those little darlings come back from summer vacation. And all the work we teachers have done over the summer is finally going to be implemented. I did a lot of reading over the summer some PD and I feel like I am ready for a great new year. Tomorrow is going to be the start of a great year I can feel it.
     Last week, I worked hard on getting the class ready for my kids. I am usually not one for decorating my classroom. I feel that because the walls are going to be filled with charts soon I do not really need to make it pretty. On the other hand this year I did some decorating.

I put some nice wrapping paper on my desk so it is not too boring.

I got my door ready for this year. I found it on pinterest and I wanted to do it too. it is bare but I hope to start filling it out soon.

I also got my job board ready. and put up a cute calendar.

I am looking forward to a good year and I hope the kids are ready for an awesome year.