Five Things I Love About Jordan

I have officially been in Jordan for a whole year! In honor of my one year aniversary I would like to reflect on some of the things I love about Jordan.


While my two brothers, father and niece are all in the states, my sister leaves here with her husband and four kids. I love the men in my family but there is nothing like hanging out with your sister. We have a lot more in common together than me and my brothers. We talk about clothes, shoes, shows and food. We go out for coffee every saturday just to enjoy each other's company. I am truly blessed to have such a great sister.

I also get to enjoy my three nieces and nephew. My nephew is 4 and he is absolutely adorable. He recently used my Moogly CAL squares as little blankets for my stuffed tiger.
My nieces are just fun to be around. We recently went to a farm in the Jordan Valley to go swimming and we had a blast playing with a beach ball and racing each other across the pool.

Family is definitely my top love!


In the St…

The Humane Center for Animal Welfare

To end my Hectic week with my nieces and nephew we took their new cat, whose name was changed to Fluffy, to the Humane Center. The vet there gave him an exam to see if he was healthy. Turns out he has ear mites, hopefully Snowball won't get infected. He also gave him some anti-worm medication. Other than that Fluffy is a healthy little kitten. We have to take him again next week for a check up, hopefully the mites are all gone. If they are the vet will give him his shots and then we'll be done, until it's time to neuter him. My mom plans on bringing Snowball to hime at the same time to give him a checkup.

While we were there the kids enjoyed looking at all the animals the Humane Center has. Suhaib loved the parrots. Sadeel loved the place she took a ton of pictures of all the animals, and can't wait to go back.

The Humane Center does good work and really cares for animals. They take in stranded animals and abused animals. They have a bunch of cats up for adoption and…


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Hectic Week

My sister has gone to Turkey for a week. Which is great her and her husband get to have a second honeymoon. Problem is we have their 4 kids running around our house. On the one hand I get help painting my room, on the other hand the house is never quiet.

In our tiny three bedroom apartment is just my mom, my cat and I. We spend most of our time reading, crocheting and watching TV, and Snowball just sleeps all day.
But, these kids. My nephew is four which means he is always active getting in to things, touching anything within his reach, playing with everything. My nieces are preteens and teenagers. One is always playing Fortnite with her cousins, loudly. One is constantly listening to music and the eldest sleeps most of the day.

That said, I am really enjoying spending time with the kids. The first night we sat together and watched the Lorax on Netflix. Yesterday I spent 2 hours in my room watching my nephew play with my dragons. And all the girls helped paint my room. On Tuesday we ar…

Weight Loss Journey

At the beginning of summer I vowed to work on losing weight and getting to onederland (below 200lbs). Before Ramadan this year I was fluctuating between 214-212 lbs. That was in May, we are in July and I am down to 206 lbs as of this morning. It wasn't easy. I lost a lot in Ramadan (205 lbs), gained some back lost some more gained it back. I was stuck at 207 lbs for two weeks, I am hoping that the 206 this morning means I am back to losing. Only time will tell.

Deena's Moogly CAL 2018

I have been secretly envying the Moogly CAL for a few weeks now. I kept thinking "that is so cool, I want to do that!" But, I thought maybe it was too late, I'll do it next year. I told my mom about it she thought it was a great idea, and she said "Why wait?" So on Thursday I grabbed the curtain ties from my bedroom and went to Barakat for some matching yarn.

Low-Carb Cinnamon Mug Cake

This summer I have been going for Keto and Low-Carb meals. Even making some of my own. For breakfast I love Mug Cakes. they are quick and easy and best of all filling. Today I am going to share my favorite sweet mug cake made with cinnamon and vanilla which makes it taste like a cinnamon roll.